The 765 members of the ETEA are PROUD to work in Evesham.  Since 1994, we have participated in NJEA’s Pride in Public Education grant project which has brought thousands of dollars and provided positive materials to support Evesham’s public schools.

2073-PRIDElogo_h76_w109NJEA’s Pride in Public Education

Since 1994, NJEA has conducted the Pride in Public Education campaign, a statewide effort to share the successes of public education with all New Jerseyans and build strong community support for and involvement in our public schools.

Marlton Fall Festival Pictures-Thanks for all your help and support.

PRIDE Mission Statement: The PRIDE Committee is a unified group of proactive members and leaders. Our mission is to generate strong community support for public education and to encourage positive relationships between schools and community members.
November Meet and Greet Tables: ETEA’s PRIDE Committee is hosting Meet and Greet Tables at each school during conferences the first week in November. Our goal is to open communication and positive interactions between the school and surrounding community. We encourage parents to stop by, meet some of the school community members, and enjoy some treats along the way. The tables will also hold NJEA Tips Brochures and the sale of ETEA cookbooks featuring favorite recipes from the staff and the community to raise money for the philanthropic fund.
Fall Festival: On October 3, 2009, Evesham Township Education Association members hosted a table of information at the Olde Marlton Fall Festival. Over 1,000 community members were treated to various informational brochures, pens, pencils, bookmarks, and pads of paper, while children enjoyed the entertainment of Jack the Balloon Man and temporary tattoos.